The Program

tazpit-flayer-20.11.14 (1)Get to News 2015  July 5th – 23rd

The Get to News program is uniquely structured to provide students with practical “in the field” journalistic experience, in one of the biggest media hubs in the world.

The Program:

First week – laying the foundations:

Workshops taught by top professionals in their fields.

The first week is meant to provide the students with the tools and knowledge required to allow them to make the best of the “on the ground” experience later in the program. The workshops are designed in a unique manner, aimed to go beyond the theoretical and into to the practical of every facet of the media.

Writing news and featured articles – how to write and edit news, tips on how to build the story, get to sources, and interviewing skills.

Television – Videotaping, editing, standing in front of the camera and interviewing

Radio – broadcasting, editing, taping and interviewing.

Still Shots/Photography – framing, lighting, getting the “money shot”

Blogging – How to start a blog, write publish and increase exposure.


Second & Third weeks – Hitting the Ground

During these two weeks the students will get to practice their newly acquired skills while touring some of the most interesting and talked of places in the world. They will participate in exclusive press conferences with key figures, and get access to places most people as well as reporters usually cannot access. The students will be required to prepared articles based on these experiences, and they will graduate the program with an impressive addition to their portfolios.


Among the scheduled programs:


Negev (and areas surrounding Gaza):                      

  • Visiting communities dealing with rocket fire for many years
  • Exclusive tour and press conference in Barzilai hospital
  • Exclusive tour and interviews  in the Sderot police station
  • Meeting with representatives of the Bedouin minority


Binyamin and Samaria

  • Barkan Industrial Park: home to some 120 industrial factories which employ Palestinian and Israeli residents of the region
  • Learning about the different communities and their characteristics
  • Press conference with a head figure in the region
  • Winery visitation center


Tel Aviv:  Start-up nation

  • Tour of the city
  • Visiting start-up companies
  • Visiting the studios of News TV station


The Golan Heights:

  • Strategic View of Syria
  • Addressing the Syrian refugees issue
  • An exclusive interview with the head of the regional council of a Druze Village in Northern Golan on the border with Syria
  • A meet with Israeli soldiers serving in the area


The Galilee (including Lebanese border):

  • A tour of a predominantly a Maronite Christian village in the eastern Upper Galilee. An example of co-existence with Muslims and Greek Orthodox Catholics.
  • Tour Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel which is considered one of the holiest cities in Christianity, today with a Muslim majority. Understanding the local challenges and conflicts.
  • A private meeting with a leader of the Christian-Arab community


All through the program there will be private sessions and press conferences with various experts.


 ** Please note that the program’s itinerary is subject to changes and substitutions at Tazpit’s sole discretion. It is also subject to change based on the needs of the organizations/individuals and other authorities, in particularwhen security situations or national security matters arise.