10550014_681009651991484_6089489397917381838_oI came here with a specific mindset and saw that there is more than just one side of the story. Going to the [Tsfat] hospital to see the Syrian refugees and seeing how they are treated, really gave me insight into how Israel helps as much as it can.” (Emerald – Canada)

 “It’s been a life-changing experience. I had never been to this part of the world. We learned so much here and got access to so many different and important people.” (Germania – USA)

 “Now I’m starting to know more about the conflict and I think I will come back just to learn more about it. I got a very bad image from the [French] media and I saw just with my own eyes, that things were very different from what I expected. (Julia,  France)

“I published several articles back home [Hungary] and they were very popular. I’m really thankful for the organizers for letting me experience the borders of Israel firsthand.”(David, Hungary)

 “For me it was a good experience that I will bring back to my country to share with my colleagues, friends and family.”(Lidia, Brazil)

To see how people feel during the rockets, during the sirens, was really eye-opening., Hungary.”(Jordan, Hungary)

“Israel is a place of opportunity. At such a young age, I have already learned so much. Tazpit News Agency trusted me, and allowed me to freely express myself through the world of journalism. They provided me with the tools and encouragement I needed to get out there and tell the world my stories. They go above and beyond all expectations, and the opportunities they hand you are endless. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The work experience I got at Tazpit will help me in all my future endeavors. I really feel like a member of the Tazpit family. Thank you so much for inspiring me to move forward.”(Sarrica, USA)

 “Interning at Tazpit News Agency has been an incredibly positive experience for me. Working at Tazpit, not only do I have the privilege of learning how to write professional articles from actual journalists, but I have the freedom to choose what I want to write about, which is really special.  Even though I am only eighteen with no college experience, I am treated as an adult, whose opinions and ideas are actually valued. I recommend the Tazpit News Agency for an internship because the staff values their interns and really prioritizes what they need for success in this industry.” (Deena, USA)קיץ1