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Have you ever been in Israel before? If Yes, When, Where and How Often? Please answer in detail if required
If you have been to Israel, were you there as a tourist/student/visiting family? Please elaborate


SAMPLE ONE: Elaborate on Your Professional Aspirations in the Field of Journalism: Investigative Journalism, Public

Relations, Corporate Communications, or Research

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Why this particular discipline?

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SAMPLE TWO: Elaborate on Your Personal Aspirations and Motivations in the field: What Interests You/

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SAMPLE THREE: Write a short article describing with a perspective or angle of your choice one of these

topics, including whom would you propose to interview if this were to occur

(maximum 500 words)

The Israeli – Palestinian conflict / Israel's status in the Middle East / Israel’s status in the International Community

SAMPLE FOUR: Write TWO perspectives (one pro, one contra) on ONE of the following topics: 300 words each


/Black African refugees being denied refugee status and citizenship in Egypt, Lebanon and Israel


/Greek refugees from the North Cyprus have filed a complaint to the ICC accusing Turkey of war crimes

SAMPLE FIVE: Why should we choose YOU to be a recipient of this scholarship opportunity?

What do you bring that is unique and valuable to this opportunity?(300 words)