Tazpit Press Service’s (TPS) internship program offers a fascinating, educational and unique experience, as it supplies the students with valuable tools and knowledge which will give them an advantage as journalists in future. The students will be guided by the best in their field, will get to practice their new acquired skills and experience firsthand the journalistic work in one of the biggest media hubs in the world, covering main events and learning about the important role of the media in situations of conflict.


During the 3 week course, students will undergo training in various facets of media including:Television, radio, printed and on-line media, blogs and more.


The students will get to learn about, tour and experience journalism in many areas of Israel including: Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Galilee, Judea & Samaria and others, and become properly acquainted with the land and particular challenges foreign correspondents have in the field.

Each student will finish the program with practical experience and materials to add to his portfolio.

The Program will also include guest lectures by experts in the field of media and Israeli affairs, such as Ofri Eliyahu – Spokes Person for the President Simon Peres and a former officer at the IDF’s Spokesperson unit, Mordechai Kedar – a world class expert in Arab media.

The program will take place in the Bar-Ilan University adjacent to Tel-Aviv. The program will be in full cooperation with the university’s School of Communication, and the Center for International Communication

Full Board will be Provided


This program is designed for students who have proven to excel in their studies and aim for a career in Journalism. At this time, applications from first year students will not be accepted.

For more details on the program and how to apply please visit “Apply to the Program”

All program and boarding costs will be provided.

* Each student will have to make his own travel arrangements to Israel

* Applicants who will be admitted to the program will be required to pay registration fees in the sum of $ 180 to insure their spot in the program.